About Adammaket

Launched in 2016, Adammarket is Africa’s leading B2B marketplace and offers global market solutions for online trade. As the first and largest Africa-based online wholesale trading website, Adammarket serves the world’s small and medium sized businesses. We serve millions of sellers, buyers, and suppliers around the globe, providing services that empower you and open a world of opportunities and possibility. Adammarket is fully committed to good corporate governance and is a service provider with the desire to improve every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to developing a viable world and make business easy around the globe. We connect sellers to buyers, reaching a global audience. We listen to clients’ and propose solutions to meet their needs while ensuring personalized assistance and high service quality.

Why we started Adammarket

Technology and business are closely related around the globe and are constantly changing and developing. They remain very close to each other and have an important relationship. Businesses operate in a highly competitive environment and need technology to lead the success. Adammarket’s primary goal is to provide IT solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients in a constantly changing world. Our team researched for a long time to find business solutions to help our community. Our team decided to help our clients follow the world of technology and experience how IT solutions can improve efficiency and help their businesses grow and success. Our solutions also connect businesses and their customers around the world. We contribute to and expand the world around our clients on a local and global level.


In today’s world, technology shapes and leads future success of businesses. Adammarket Ads is an ad technology company behind a new modern kind of advertising network and technology. We connect advertisers to users through targeted new technologies. To audiences, Adammarket brings well-designed, value-focused ads, products, and services that customers actually need. Adammarket focuses on lasting and valuable relationships between advertisers and customers. Together we can make the Internet a better place for your business.
We believe that advertisers and their businesses’ online ad networks should come together and support new economic growth of the market. Our ad network will increase your business popularity with a modern technology that detects the interest of the customers and presents your business around the world. We provide your business with the infrastructure to globally expand your network and take advantage of the power of the Internet. Adammarket can deliver the solutions required by our clients through the IT we have successfully implemented.

What We Do

IT plays a major role in the efficiency of your organization, but you may not have the staff, experience, budget, or infrastructure to support it. Adammarket wants to help you reach your potential customers around the world by using modern IT. We provide the personnel, equipment, and services you need to grow your business.
The retail industry is changing all the time. New technologies are helping customers, creating new customer experiences, improving employee productivity, and connecting stores and shoppers in whole new ways.
Our services are mostly provided locally and are supported by a global knowledge base and resource pool of experienced personnel. We offer our services in various combinations in order to help you to achieve optimum results. This capability is the core strength of Adammarket and is a key strategic driver of the business. With customer satisfaction as a key objective, we are able to deliver IT solutions and reliable services.

Adammarket Advertising Offers:

Local targeting strategy: Target your own hometown and region in order to reach customers close to your business.
Connect to the world: Adammarket will promote your business online and connect to Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and other global traffic by country, region, or city, and target your audience wherever they are with technology.
Cost-Effective Ads: We are free for any business or customer.

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